All your listing photos by ‘D’

Architectural Listing and marketing photos for Realtors by a Realtor!

Architectural magazine quality photos.

Team building with you - as an agent (over 23 years), I've been told

I understand what agent's need for marketing photos

Architectural educated background - giving a you a more unique perspective

Give your sellers the gift of quality listing photos to remember their home by! These just aren’t for the MLS! 

They’re for your seller.

Don’t take your own poorly lit, badly composed blurry photos. 

Architectural magazine quality photos, not faked out HDR over processed/saturated photos. 


Click on photos to see these homes I shot that are featured in the Seattle PI.

 3032 36th Ave SW, Listing Agent: Sean Stolte, Berkshire Hathaway NW Home Services

1912 46th Ave SW, Agent: Bunny Parker/Karen Hofbuhr, RSVP Real Estate



Special real estate agent pricing rate for 1st time and every 5th time shoots! (My way of saying thank you for being a frequent customer.)

Click on the photo to see the general VIRTUALTOUR PORTFOLIO agents use for marketing!

Click on the photo to see the GALLERY PORTFOLIO agents can use to show seller's how their home can look and to discuss staging needs during the listing appointment - bookmark it!

Tiered pricing based on gross sq footage/KRC but, if the MLS sq footage is larger, then pricing based on that.  Outbuildings escalate size & price except condos. Photo shoots Monday - Friday

Special pricing rates (for real estate agents only, 1st and 5th shoots):

  • Homes under 2300 gross sq ft $125+tax
  • Homes 2301– 3500 gross sq ft $200 +tax
  • Homes 3501-5000 gross sq ft $$250+tax
  • Homes over 5000 gross sq ft $275+tax

Regular pricing rates:

  • Homes under 2300 gross sq ft $150+tax
  • Homes 2301– 3500 gross sq ft $225 +tax
  • Homes 3501-5000 gross sq ft $275+tax
  • Homes over 5000 gross sq ft $350+tax
  • Drone video & stills residential 6000 sqft < $175+tax.  Over 6000 sq ft and commercial, case by case

Commercial Shoot pricing rates: $75/hr

 Don’t have your sellers asking you why their home’s marketing photos don’t look as good as other agent’s marketing photos!   Email or call me today and we’ll team up to get your listing sold!

Click here to see my gallery portfolios at

The Virtual Tour is setup like your walking through from beginning to end.

You use the same tour for your MLS Virtual Tour in the Listing Input section!

Talk about convenience!

 How to get more listings!?

Be like the savvy agents that are using my portfolio as part of their pre-listing presentations and showing sellers how their home is going to be marketed!!

Agents have told me this has made the difference and helped them get the listing!


Darryl Eng, Managing Broker since 1994

Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate

206 938 6854

Prices subject to change without notice.  Small variable trip charge over 25 miles round trip and ferry ticket charge.


Q: Do you have a virtual tour?

A: Yes! You can use the virtual tour in the MLS!

Q: Does the virtual tour have music and caption ability?

A: Yes! Keep the viewers attention. Captions can be placed in if need be.

Q: Do you make your photos look over realistic with HDR processing?

A: No. I shoot for photo realism like you would see in Architectural Digest, Seattle Homes, Pacific NW Homes….

Q: What is your turn around time?

A: About 8-24 hours!


Convenience for you!

Either meet me at your listing or arrange other means of access. I can secure the key wherever you'd like when I leave.

Formal education as an Architect helping to give a unique photo perspective

As an agent, I understand the need for the proper marketing photos

I can arrange times with your client if need be


“I just sold a house in 8 hours in 2014 and what I heard from the dozens of real estate brokers (and also directly from dozens of buyers at the open house) was that they “could tell the home was going to sell because of the professional photos”.  They said that “each picture felt so inviting and combined with my professional staging- it was a slam dunk!”

 My sellers were so happy with the pictures they actually got sentimental and weepy when they watched the virtual tour for the first time.

 I was impressed with the creativity of angle; lighting and the pictures truly were artistically taken.  Darryl Eng’s quality can NOT be beat and his prices are insanely good!  Best Quality plus Best Price means I will be using Darryl for ALL my listings forever!  With absolute gratitude-Teryl Hall Real Estate, RSVP, broker since 2003”

Darryl catches warmth and detail in his photos to help market my listings—realism that buyers and sellers like. Dave Paxton, RSVP Real Estate

Darryl is able to capture the essence of the home for my listings. He’s reliable and I found that his background in Architecture and Real Estate really helps with composing photos and telling a story. Ken Knoke, Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate

Darryl knows what a listing agent wants. He knows houses, photography, how to listen, how to work with you to deliver an excellent product that will indeed help sell your listings. Darryl can let himself in, is tactful and   professional with sellers. Very convenient. And he works hard to supply you with the photos quickly.

—David Bryan Smith— Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate


A bit about Darryl Eng:

He is a Seattle native, attending school at St Joseph's, Seattle Prep, Seattle U and U of W.  He graduated in '88 from the School of Architecture, UW.  He has worked as a real estate agent since 1994 and knows what you'll want and need for your listing.  He will team up with all agents to get what they need to sell the listing. His hobbies include windsurfing, sailing, surfing, mountaineering, Boy Scout leader - troop 254, fishing, water skiing, scuba, teaching self defense/fitness/Wing Chun Gung Fu through the JKD Jun Fan Gung Fu school run by Sigung Taky Kimura and founded by Bruce Lee. He currently teaches with Jun Fan friend, Mark Mittman over in Issaquah at Western Style Martial Arts: